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A local firm that has expanded nationally since we have started servicing them
A striking simple using the elements from their logo


The brief was for a simple, large design with colours the blended in with the vehicle colour, again a vet happy client



A great coffee shop in Vermont South Shopping Centre that needed rebranding
Before and after shots, Very Happy client




We have serviced their national fleet for a number of years
We are in the process of refitting the fleet with a new pastel colour wrap that complements the service they provide to their clients



A new client that was looking for a clean simple design that was well balanced on the large truck


Our client had the bases of a great design; working with him we were able to present a concept that conveyed his message very affectively.

coffee van, van wrap, photographic wrap

coffee van, van wrap, photographic wrap

Based on the very successful design we developed for their fleet of large tippers and trailers we modified the design for the utes to give continuity with the larger vehicles.


Our client had purchase a green van thinking it was best suited for a florist, after discussions with our designers we came up with a full wrap based on a white background that ticked all the boxes for our client!

See before and after!



We were approached to partially wrap their vans, using artwork supplied by them we configured the layout to provide them with a result that absolutely delighted them.


We’re loving coffee vans at the moment so here’s another van wrap we completed the other day. Double Shot coffee came to us with the some mock ups for designs and we worked with them to set up the designs for printing and production. We love the mix of photos and graphics in this design and the grunge look, as if it’s a real brick wall.

Our 3M vinyl wrap material gave the van wrap vibrant colours, paint protection and is the strongest and longest lasting material on the market.

If you have a van you’d like turned into an advertising asset to your business, have a look at the Van Signage we have done and give us a call so we can have a chat about making creative ideas come to life.

We can’t wait to see the van selling coffees on the road!


coffee van, van wrap, photographic wrap coffee van, van wrap, photographic wrap